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Electrical Back-Up Unit


What is an Electrical Back-Up Unit?

An Electrical Back-Up Unit (EBU) is a patented temporary emergency power supply.  It sits in your home or garage camouflaged as a cabinet secretly waiting to power your home when you need it. Easy to operate and maintain, the EBU is the perfect option for buyers who want to be prepared without the expense or hassle of complicated systems.

How Does it Work?

The Electrical Back-Up Unit (EBU) utilizes battery and inverter technology to supply up to 2500 watts of power continuously (5000 watts surge capacity) to most household appliances and fixtures during power outages. The EBU is ideal for the interior of houses, apartments, and garages due to the absence of toxic fumes and noise produced by other power supply methods.  The unit should remain plugged into a power outlet to remain charged until needed. When power lapses, the owner rolls the unit to the area of need; flips the power switch in the cabinet’s rear & plugs in the appliance.

What Can be Powered by EBU?

TV / VCR                Refrigerator/ Freezer

Lights                    Radio receivers

Power tools           Stereo systems

Microwaves            Computers

Vacuums                Pumps

Small Motors          Air Compressors

Hair dryers             Cash Registers

Most other electrical equipment that require 120V.

Attractive Finishes

Oak (shown above)

Cherry Beige EBU Beige White EBUWhite


Technical Specifications

·         Output Power – 2500 Watts maximum continuous output; 5000 Watts surge

·         Output Voltage – 120 Volts; 60 Hertz AC; Modified Sine Wave

·         Output Power Connector – Provide 2 double standard 120 Volt outlets

·         Input Battery* Power – 2500 Watts Maximum; 5000 Watts Surge

·         Input Battery* Voltage – 12 Volts DC

·         Internal Battery* Capacity – 1 to 4 lead acid batteries (open seal or gel) Deep cycle batteries such as marine type batteries are recommended. Suggested Battery Reserve Capacity – 120 Amp-Hr for maximum operation time.

·         Internal Battery Charger – Provides 1.5 Amps total to keep batteries charged to full capacity when not in use


Patent No: US 7,227,282 B1



Portable Electric Transfer Switch


What is a Portable Emergency Transfer Switch?

The Portable Emergency Transfer Switch (PETS) transfers power (electricity) from a generator or an electrical back-up unit to a house’s electrical system through one of it's existing standard outlets. This product is patented. 

How Does it Work?

During a power outage, the home’s main breaker is thrown to disconnect the electrical box from the public utility system.  The Portable Emergency Transfer Switch (PETS) bridges the home’s back-up power system to a standard outlet.  The electrical current flows from the temporary power source through the PETS into the outlet.  This connection then powers the house’s electrical system.  Back-up electricity is then used in exactly the same way one would use electricity produced by a utility company.  

Technical Specifications

     PETS 120

Input Voltage Maximum - 125 Volts AC 60HZ

     Input Current Maximum – 20 Amps AC (Model 120-20)

Transfer Power Maximum – 2400 VA (Model 120-20)

Safety Features

While PETS power switch is off and output is plugged into the building receptacle, red LED turns on if building power is present. This is a warning to keep PETS power switch turned off when normal building power is present at building receptacle.


When the power switch is on, power is being transferred when white and red LEDs are both on.  When the white LED is off, no power transfer can take place, even if power switch is on.


For model 120-20 transfer current cannot exceed 20Amps AC. If transfer current exceeds these values, breaker(s) will be thrown and power transfer will stop. White LED will be on but red LED off to indicate this condition. Turn power switch off, reduce output load current to less than MAX value; wait 10 seconds; and then push breaker button(s). Power transfer may then be re-established by turning power switch on.


Since the input connector is female, there is no possibility of electrocution at input connectors.

Patent No: US 7,227,282 B1